The Arboretum of the Sound Palace

In late 2020, I released the first version of my generative ambient music app, Sound Palace. However, it's only for Android, for many reasons. I thought it would be good to have a more easily accessible (and possibly more permanent) record of it, so I made recordings based on three of the compositions in the app and turned them into three tracks, the first two are light-hearted ambient, and one drone piece.

  1. Light And Water (Uncommon Mix)

  2. In The Meadow (Afternoon Repose)

  3. Haze of a Distant Fire (Approaching)

Released in 2021. Can be found on most of the well-known streaming services.

Suburban Garden (Field Recording)

Recorded in Spring of 2013 in Orinda, California.

This is the result my mom moving out of the house I grew up in. I knew she would miss the presence and ambience of the overgrown back garden she had labored over for four decades, so I shot some still video and then left a Zoom H4 to record in the garden for almost three hours. The only edit was to remove the occasional bursts of wind noise. Everything else is as it was; leaf blowers being used in the nearby yards, birds, the susurration of trees, cars going up and down the seldom-used street, the distant enthusiasm of children released from school.

Released as a video in 2019, with looping video.

Released as an album in 2020. Can be found on most of the well-known streaming services.