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Sound Palace, a generative music app

 A couple of albums are also on most of the streaming services under "Stochastic Telegraph"

"Hold Me In The Air" Now Available

I'm now making and selling this artwork/art device. It's to make the black screens in your rooms interesting and yet not distracting. Available on my Etsy shop.

VCV Modules version 2.0.10

This introduces a new module, Fermata, that does no audio or signal processing at all. It is essentially an improved version of the VCV Fundamental module Notes, except that Fermata is resizable (horizontally), scrollable (vertically), and includes a title, which becomes a label on the panel at the narrowest width. There's a also a (small) number of font and color choices. I imagine this as useful for:  

The font choices were also added to BASICally, and there's a new preset for BASICally as well.

VCV Rack Modules version 2.0.9

After a short hiatus, I appear to be back at the VCV game. 

BASICally 2.0.7 is now live.

February 6, 2023 -- New features include:

While I've greatly enjoyed working on BASICally, I hope to largely let it rest for a while. To a first approximation, me making VCV Rack modules mirrors my 30+year software engineering career; making tools for other people to do things with. I am reasonably good at it, but I'd like to lean away from this well-worn groove in my intellectual life in favor more visceral creative pursuits. Although, let's be honest, there's an upper bound to how visceral my musical doings get.

Difficulty getting hardware (exacerbated by a cyber attack at the Royal Mail, of all things) is what I'm now overcoming in order to progress on my currently nameless ambient video device project, although I must acknowledge that there are many parts of it (like naming it!) that aren't actually hardware dependent. 

BASICally 2.0.5 is now live.

The 3rd version of BASICally is now live in the library. It features:

That last bit led to the creation of an oddity; a VCV tape loop with four read heads.

BASICally 2.0.4 is now live.

The 2nd version of BASICally (2.0.4) is now live in the library. It features:

BASICally VCV Rack module now live in the Library

December 13, 2022 -- It took longer than I expected, but on Monday it was made available in the Library. The documentation is here. There's already been a modest interest in the VCV Rack Community discussion board, and there are some interesting suggestions there and elsewhere for me to ponder already. I've already seen someone use it within a patch. Exciting to finally have it out, but also a bit, I don't know, daunting? Perhaps the release of the suspense means I have to actively decide how to divide and use my time, as usual. Fortunately, I have many options, including further work on BASICally, which is already in progress. As I write this, just pushing live the revisions I've already made in the last couple weeks sounds like a good plan.

3rd VCV Rack module to be released soonish

November 30, 2022 -- I was inspired by HAINBACH's video, in particular his joy at being able to program a musical device in the BASIC language of his childhood. "Gripped by" is the better phrase; the idea hijacked my brain pretty unrelentingly, a stew of my own nostalgia for BASIC and also for the obscure thrill of implementing a language. I last made the mistake of doing so for work some 20+ years ago (I say "mistake" because few engineers want to learn a custom language that doesn't polish their resume when a library would do the trick). I'll leave my story of  implementing a BASIC compiler in BASIC for another day, but suffice to say, I'm primed to dive headlong into something like this. Additionally, I was intrigued by the results he was getting, even though the BASIC part was really just an unusual way to set up a sequencer.

As a result, I've spent the last 6-7 weeks writing  BASICally, and while there are similar things in VCV Rack (which I note in that doc), I now think this module adds enough novel improvements to ease of use and functionality to make it worthwhile.

It's now in the stage where I ask the VCV Library maintainers to add it, and then I wait for some unknown period of time. When that happens, it'll show up here.